We are two people who live surrounded by cats and kittens without homes. Please help us find good homes for our feline friends so they can have a chance at knowing love and ongoing health. Thank you.

What are the benefits of adopting a cat? Not only do they provide you warmth and love they are a constant companion. Stroking their fur and hearing them purr is so relaxing at the end of your day. Most of the stresses from work, driving, shopping and life in general just melt away when you hear your friend purr.

Cats get a bad rap sometimes when people say that they are aloof, too independent or 'finicky'. That may be true to some, but cats, like people, generally reflect what you give them. If you give them ongoing love and attention they will bring you much joy and love. If you teach them love and affection, play with them, and take the time to be a good companion yourself, you will find that cats are loving and affectionate companions.

Please call us at 302.999.7768 or email lizsutor@gmail.com if you can provide a good home for these beautiful and loving creatures. They need your love and attention and give so much back in return that brings you peace and joy. Thank you for visiting our website and are looking forward to hearing from you.

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