We are two people who live surrounded by cats and kittens without homes. Please help us find good homes for our feline friends so they can have a chance at knowing love and ongoing health. Thank you.

Hello! No, I’m not a tiny panther, but I certainly look like one, don’t I? My brothers and sisters and I live under the bushes and even though our human friends are feeding us and checking on us, we would like to come in and be your forever friends. I am the alpha male of the group, so they chose me to be the SpokesKitty.  We all can be socialized and I already will let you pick me up and give me ear scritches. I wonder what it’s like to live inside. I’ve heard there are soft beds, treats and toys. Sounds like Heaven. I am now ADOPTED!!!

Black and white is always in style, don’t you think? I am a shy 10 month old girl, and I would like to meet someone who has worked with feral cats so that I can have a chance to be an indoor kitty.  If you have room in your heart and your home, and you have experience with ferals, I’m the girl for you. You won’t regret it! My human friends have already had me spayed. I’ve been outside since I was born, but I know inside is the right place to be! And with my coloring, I will look good with any décor.

Hi there! I’m the biggest of the litter, and yes, I am the only one who looks like me. Everyone says I have beautiful blue eyes. I was born under a house and I only really know my brothers and sisters, and Mommy of course.  I would like to know a human though, because I’ve heard good things about them; even though they are very big and scary-looking. I hear they can be very lovable and fun. I am now ADOPTED!!!